Lost Trains: Verlassene Loks, leere Hallen und gespenstische Bahnhöfe (Gera Mond)

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A remarkable large-format colour album offering melancholy food for thought for all railway enthusiasts and lovers of lost places. It illustrates items of railway infrastructure and rolling stock that have been abandoned in situ, all around the world.

Lost Trains features abandoned locomotives and idle wagons, turntables, stations, bridges, workshops – everything that testifies to the ingenuity of inventors and engineers of railway history and the importance of rail transport. The photographs also tell of the decline of many routes and the ignominious fate of many vehicles.

Although the book covers sites all over the world, over half the pages are devoted to Europe and a considerable proportion of those relate to subjects in Germany. The photographs are mainly presented in one-per-page format and have been selected to display their subjects to best dramatic effect.

Detailed captions provide information about the illustrated subject and the circumstances that gave rise to its abandonment. 192 pages. German text. Hardback.

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