Carl Bellingrodt: Das Fotografische Werk Band 5: Bundesbahnzeit - Dampflokomotiven der Baureihen 10-39 (DGEG)

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A new addition to this series of black & white photographic albums showcasing the work of acclaimed German railway photographer, Carl Bellingrodt.

This volume contains over 900 high quality black & white photographs taken during the 1950s and 1960s of Class 10 to Class 39 Bundesbahn steam locomotives operating around Germany.

A short introduction is followed by chapters of photographs, with each chapter being devoted to a class of steam locomotives. Each chapter contains photographs, each accompanied by captions providing details such as locomotive number, location and date.

Locomotives classes featured in this volume:

  • Baureihe 10
  • Baureihe 17
  • Baureihe 18(1)
  • Baureihe 18(3)
  • Baureihe 18 (4-5)
  • Baureihe 18(6)
  • Baureihe 23
  • Baureihe 24
  • Baureihe 38(4)
  • Baureihe 38(10)
  • Baureihe 39

German text. Large format hardback. 304 pages.

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