The Steam Engines of World War II in Europe (Silver Link)

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The German `Kriegsdampflokomotiven' and the British and American war engines

A detailed history and album of photos of German, British and American steam locomotives built just before and during World War II. The book is divided into chapters covering the German Übergangskriegslokomotiven (transitional war locos) and Kriegsdampflokomotiven (war steam locos), British War Department steam locos, and American war locos built for the UK and mainland Europe. Each chapter contains a history of each type of loco including summaries of versions of each class that were distributed to each country in Europe. The book is well illustrated with examples from many different countries, both in service and in preservation. Most of the photos have detailed captions, and at the back there are tables listing preserved locos of each class.

Over 300 photos, mostly colour. 160 pages. Hardback.

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