Alte Meister der Eisenbahn-Photographie: Ludwig Rotthowe (EK)

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This title in Eisenbahn Kurier's 'Alte Meister der Eisenbahn-Photographie' series presents a selection of his best black & white photographs. Ludwig died in 2017 at the age of 80, having taken his first railway photographs around his home town of Telgte at the age of just 15. It was around this time he began his apprenticeship as a photographer.

He developed his own unmistakable style of photography, which shows the railway in the landscape and makes use of light and shadows.

Ludwig Rotthowe was particularly interested in railway operations in his immediate vicinity in Westphalia and recorded them in countless photographs. As early as the 1970s, he was able to present a selection of his work in his own book, which was published by Eisenbahn-Kurier under the title "Damplokromantik in Westfalen" and has long been out of print.

Alte Meister der Eisenbahn-Photographie: Ludwig Rotthowe presents a selection of photographs from his collection. Each photograph is accompanied by a caption and an introduction to Ludwig Rotthowe is also included. German text. Hardback. 144 pages.

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