Alte Meister der Eisenbahn-Photographie: Detlev Luckman (EK)

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This volume in the "Old Masters of Railway Photography" series is dedicated to railway enthusiast Detlev Luckmann, whose photographic passion was predominantly for small, branch and industrial railways. Secondary to this was his interest in the "big" railway on the routes of the German Federal Railways, along with shipping, particularly steamships on the Rhine, and he would also capture images of road steam rollers and horse-drawn carriages.

It all started in 1957 with a film documentary about his local line, the narrow-gauge Göttingen Gartetalbahn, which was about to be closed. He was equally good at photography and film, and he captured the closure almost minutely in both techniques/processes. The photographs shown in Alte Meister der Eisenbahn-Photographie: Detlev Luckmann were all taken between 1957 and 1970, therefore the photographs displayed cover a period of just under one and a half decades. An interesting cross-section of his shots draw a fantastic picture of these railways.

Luckman’s enthusiasm was for small railways, even if they were small and inconspicuous, and he would travel to the furthest corners of the old Federal Republic photographing them. He travelled to the Westerwald in the late 1950s to visit the Selters-Hachenburg narrow-gauge railway, which was on its last legs, and to the Kerkerbachbahn railway. In addition he also photographed light railways, industrial and mine railways or other small train types.

169 black & white photographs. German Text. Hardback. 144 pages.

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