Kriegslokomotiven: Die Baureihe 42 und 52 DVD (8616)

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This DVD traces the history of the German Class 42 and 52 steam locomotives; simplified versions of other existing locomotive types, using much fewer parts and cheaper materials. The Reichsbahn required a large number of locomotives, which needed to be cheap to build and maintain, leading to the various classes of 'Kriegslokomotiven', of which Classes 42 and 52 are both types of.

In total, over 900 Class 42s and over 7000 Class 52s were built between 1942 and 1950. This DVD contains historical footage of the locomotives at work throughout their lives in Germany and in other countries. Also includes more recent footage of preserved examples of the locomotives working on special trains and at heritage railways.

German commentary. 58 minutes running time.

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