EK Special 141: Deutsche Kriegslokomotiven

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This magazine style publication contains several articles looking at steam locomotives built in Germany during the Second World War.

Chapters include a look at the requirement for large numbers of locomotives and at the program initiated by Albert Speer to build over 15,000 locomotives within two years. Standard designs were introduced and these were passed on to manufacturers to construct the locomotives. This allowed several manufacturers to build the same design of locomotives using common parts.

Also contains details of each locomotive type built during this period, including the mass-produced Class 42 and 52 steam locomotives and locomotives built for use on industrial railways. Looks at the design, construction and use of the locomotives, both during wartime and in the post-war period.

EK Special 141: Deutsche Kriegslokomotiven is well illustrated throughout with black & white photographs and diagrams. German text. 98 pages.

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