Western Class Locomotives: A Tribute (Key)

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The "Western" Class of locomotive was the most powerful type of diesel hydraulic locomotive built for the Western Region of British Railways as a result of the 1955 Modernisation Plan. 74 examples were built, principally to haul express passenger services from London Paddington.

Every locomotive in the class received a unique "Western" name and the class built up a substantial following during their comparatively short time if front-line service. Sadly, the Western Region’s penchant for hydraulic transmission became surplus to requirements when British Rail chose to standardise on diesel electric transmission for locomotives, and the last "Western" was withdrawn as early as 1977.

Western Class Locomotives: A Tribute is an illustrated survey containing full-colour photographs of all 74 "Westerns", looking at each locomotive in turn. The photographs are accompanied by detailed captions that contain anecdotal information and further details about every class member.

This nostalgic volume provides a pictorial record of a much-loved, but short-lived, class of locomotive. 96 pages.

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