The Clapham Train Accident (Pen & Sword)

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Clapham was a pivotal point in British railway history. Much technology had been invented and applied to accident prevention by 1988; much more was to come.

The Clapham Train Accident considers Clapham in its wider context, using official reports and expert interviews to describe both the causes and the terrible effects. It looks beyond the railway to the external factors acting not only on British Rail, but also the government of the time, and considers the safety improvements that came about as a result.

Finally, the book brings the story up to date and looks at why the lessons learned over thirty years ago still need to be retained in an industry where the baton of safety is all-too-easily dropped during re-organisation, re-branding and after the departure of those who lived through darker days to make ours shine more brightly.

The concatenation of events, the errors, the reorganisations, the financial constraints, that led to Clapham could happen to any business in any industry. On the morning of 12 December 1988, they happened to the railway.

The Clapham Train Accident provides an account of the events before and after the accident and looks at what lessons were learned.

Illustrated with 16 pages of illustrations. Hardback. 256 pages.

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