Signal Box Scenes Around Britain Part Two: North West & North East England, Wales & Scotland (Bellcode)

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Signal boxes are rapidly disappearing from our rail network as they are replaced by digital control centres. In Signal Box Scenes Around Britain: Part Two: North West and North East England, Wales & Scotland the author, Stephen Chapman, has used a wide selection of photographs to produce a visual appreciation of the subject.

The photographs feature a diverse range of signal boxes in an assortment of scenes including signal boxes from the outside, on the inside, pictures of signal boxes with passing trains, items associated with signal boxes or pictures of trains where a signal box forms part of the scene. Images cover a period between the 1960s and the present day.

It should be noted that the author asserts that this book is not intended to be a technical study of signal box equipment, or how it works, and should not be treated as such. Over 200 colour and black & white photographs. 112 pages.

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