Railways of Derbyshire in the Twenty-First Century (Amberley)

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The city of Derby has a long association with the country’s railway heritage, not just as a focal point for the county’s railway passengers but also its long tradition of manufacture. Today, Derby enjoys passenger services to destinations as far apart as London, Scotland and the South West of England. But the county of Derbyshire offers so much more. With towns such as Chesterfield and Buxton, as well as some tiny rural communities, it is still well served by passenger trains.

Looking at freight traffic, the days of constant streams of coal trains passing may have long gone, but there’s still plenty on offer to the enthusiast. In particular, the county’s hills are a source of important materials for the UK construction industry. The railways of Derbyshire continue to play a leading role in getting these materials to market with a network of regular deliveries to the end customer.

This book takes a whistle stop tour of the county’s stations, looking at both the passenger and freight trains seen since the turn of the century. Photographs are presented in two-per-page format with a caption accompanying each. A brief introduction to Derbyshire and its railways is also included. 96 pages.

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