Diesel and Electric Trains: A New Era of Railways (Amberley)

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A collection of previously unpublished colour photographs from the camera of David Reed, documenting the early post-steam years of Britain's railways. The images capture a wide range of locomotives and multiple units, most of which have long since disappeared from Britain’s railway network.

A diverse collection of locations are featured, from the London area to North Wales, Crewe, Carlisle, East Anglia, Bradford, Manchester and Liverpool. Areas of Scotland are also pictured, including the Ayr coast, far north, Inverness, Perth and the renowned Glasgow `Blue Trains’. On the Western Region, Paddington, Reading and the West Country are all featured.

The photos are mainly presented in two-per-page format and what they sometimes lack in quality is often made up for by the comparative rarity of the subject and the down-to-earth manner in which the image has been captured. Many of the featured locations have changed considerably in the intervening years.

All images are accompanied by captions providing further detail about the subject. Over 175 colour illustrations. 96 pages.

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