Diesels around Cardiff (Mainline & Maritime)

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A collection of colour photographs illustrating the changing diesel scene around Cardiff from the 1960s to the beginning of the 2020s. The book begins with a small selection of images from the 1960s, including some of the diesel hydraulic classes built for the Western Region of British Rail.

The corporate blue era of the 1970s is followed by the small-scale introduction of new liveries following sectorisation in the 1980s and the more colourful and extreme liveries of the privatisation era.

Most of the illustrations feature locomotives, including many regular performers in the Cardiff area, but unusual visitors are also included. Over 25 different locomotive classes are illustrated. Some multiple unit classes are also included, often captured on the branch lines that serve the Welsh Valleys.

All the photographs are presented in one-per-page format and are accompanied by descriptive extended captions. Diesels Around Cardiff gives the reader a good overview and potted history of how diesel traction has evolved in South Wales. 96 pages. Hardback.

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