Diesel & Electric Loco Register 6th Edition NEW

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The new sixth edition of Diesel & Electric Loco Register contains a complete list of all diesel and electric locomotives operated by British Railways, its constituents and successors, that have been capable of working on the main line railway network, including shunters and departmental locomotives.

Detailed entries give up-to-date information on the current status of every locomotive, showing which are preserved, which have been scrapped, or the current operating company. Historic details are also included, listing every number carried, entry to service and withdrawal dates, every official name carried and a number of useful reference tables.

Tabulated information is provided for every locomotive including:

  • All numbers carried in chronological order of use
  • Year of entry to service
  • Year of withdrawal from service
  • Status or current operator of locomotives still in existence
  • Year of scrapping for locomotives no longer in existence
  • Scrapping location

Detailed appendices contain further information as follows:

  • Class-by-class summary of all locomotives built with number ranges and class totals.
  • List of all locomotives to have carried multiple TOPS numbers for easy reference.
  • List of all locomotives to have carried a 1948 or 1957 classification number, cross-referenced to their later TOPS number for easy reference.
  • A complete listing of all locomotives to have carried Departmental numbers.
  • A complete listing of all official locomotive names to have been carried.

Scrapping information is provided for approaching 5000 locomotives showing when and where they were disposed of. This new 6th edition incorporates over 1000 updates since the previous edition was published. Well illustrated. 256 pages.

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