British Railways Pocket Book 1: Locomotives - Back Numbers

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British Railways Pocket Book 1: Locomotives is the definitive Platform 5 guide to all locomotives that operate on Britain's national railway network. It was first published as "Motive Power Pocket Book" in 1978, but was renamed "Locomotives" in 1992.

We have copies of most years in stock, going back as far as 1987, although currently only as far back as 2006 are available via the website.. Please enquire with our Mail Order Department for details of earlier editions.

Each edition Includes a detailed listing of all locomotives in service with technical information provided for every class of locomotive and specific details for every locomotive in service at the time of publication. The exact details provided vary from year to year, but are appropriate to information used and available at the time.

The latest book in this series can be found on the Modern British Railways or Platform 5 Books pages of this site.

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