Diesel Dawn 5: Chasing Diesels (Irwell)

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In part 5 of the Diesel Dawn series the author, Richard Derry, departs from the usual series profile looking at the Modernisation Plan diesels, and goes on a nostalgic trip chasing diesels during the 1970s and 1980s.

After a period away from the railway scene Richard’s interest was reignited in 1971 when, in a sentimental move, he bought the latest Ian Allan Combined Volume. Following this he booked on a special train, an excursion to South Wales in March 1972 to visit Woodhams Scrapyard at Barry. With his enthusiasm renewed he was soon out and about with friends, combing the country to locate and photograph as many diesel and electric locomotives as they could find. In this volume he gives us a taster of the many diesel trains that were around at that time, on both freight and passenger workings. They visited busy main line centres – York, Doncaster, Crewe and the rest, along with more obscure places that had to be tracked down with the help of maps. Back then there were still considerable numbers of locomotives working major traffic flows across the country – most notably coal and steel – on a scale no longer seen today.

The photographs are generally displayed in 2-per-page format and Richard Derry recounts their moves in the detailed captions which accompany his pictures.

110 colour photographs. 80 pages.

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