Class 47s: Inverness to Dover Western Docks (Key)

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An album of colour photographs of Class 47 locomotives taken during 1985 and 1986 at locations around the British railway network.

This was a period of change, as the first Class 47s to be withdrawn started to fall by the wayside in the spring of 1986, since seriously damaged crash victims were no longer likely to be rebuilt. The first non-crash-damaged locos were withdrawn sacrificed to provide a spares pool for the others.

It was also a time of change regarding how trains were heated, as steam heat became rare south of Hadrian's Wall. With over 200 images, this volume provides a visual journey of the Class 47s in 1985-86.

Photographs are mostly presented in two-per-page format with each photograph being accompanied by a detailed caption. 96 pages.

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