Class 47s: From Inverness to Penzance (Key)

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Railway photographer and enthusiast Ian McLean has put together this collection of photos of Class 47 diesel locos in locations all over the British Rail network. The photographs were taken on his numerous trips around the country between 1982 and 1985 using various types of BR rover tickets, during which he attempted to view, photograph and travel behind all 507 members of the class that were then in existence.

The book is divided into sections for each of the four years, with the photos arranged in date order. Most of the photos have detailed captions giving not only details of the working depicted but also other information such as what other locos hauled that train for part of the journey, the other locos that the author had for haulage on that day and what happened to that loco shortly afterwards.

In some cases the author enjoyed an unexpected bonus such as travelling behind a loco that he wasn’t expecting, and at other times he missed out on a loco that he “needed” for haulage. Most of the photos are of passenger trains but there are also a few freight workings and locos on shed, including some taken during depot visits which were much easier to arrange in those days!

Over 150 photos, mostly colour. 96 pages.

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