British Railways Pocket Book 2: Coaching Stock 2024 NEW

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The 2024 edition of the definitive Platform 5 guide to all locomotive-hauled carriages which operate on Britain's national railway network. British Railways Pocket Book 2: Coaching Stock contains a complete list of all coaching stock in service with the following details provided for every coach:

  • Owner
  • Operator
  • Livery
  • Depot Allocation

The book also includes technical data for every class of coach and an overview of the structure of Britain's railways today. Further details of coaching stock formations, Network Rail service stock and coaching stock awaiting disposal are also provided.

British Railways Pocket Book 2: Coaching Stock is divided into ten main sections as follows:

  • British Railways Number Series Coaching Stock
  • High Speed Train Trailer Cars
  • Saloons
  • Pullman Car Company Series
  • Heritage Locomotive Support Coaches
  • 95xxx & 99xxx Range Number Conversion Table
  • Coaching Stock Set Formations
  • Network Rail Service Stock
  • Coaching Stock Awaiting Disposal
  • Codes

The book has been completely updated to incorporate all the latest rolling stock changes. 112 pages including 16 pages of colour illustrations.

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