BR Swindon Type 1 0-6-0 Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotives Class 14: Their Life on British Railways (Pen & Sword)

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In the late 1950s, the Western Region of British Railways identified a need for a large number of Type 1 diesel locomotives for short freight duties. The first locomotives were delivered in the mid-1960s and were effectively a lower budget version of the Type 1s delivered elsewhere. The Swindon Type 1 is a six-wheeled alternative to the Bo-Bo locomotives delivered to other regions.

With the decline of rail freight as a result of the massive expansion of road haulage in the late 1960s, the locomotives soon found their work drying up and the whole class was withdrawn by 1969. Many locomotives went on to work on industrial railway systems following their withdrawal from British Railways.

This book takes a look at how the locomotives came into existence, their design and their use with British Railways during their short operating lives. A second future volume will look at the type's use on private and industrial railways.

Topics covered include:

  • Technical Aspects
  • Appearance, Design and Styling
  • Allocations
  • Fleet History
  • Overhauls and Repairs
  • Performance and Service Problems
  • Accidents and Fire Damage
  • Storage and Withdrawal
  • Disposal

This book is well-illustrated throughout with colour and black & white photographs as well as tables of data. Hardback. 216 pages.

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