Diesels in the Western Region (Amberley)

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This book contains a series of colour photographs taken by author, George Woods, between 1966 and 2019 illustrating diesel powered trains operating around the former Great Western region. Photographs cover the lines out of London Paddington towards Bristol, Wales and the South West, as well as lines throughout southwest England and Wales.

A wide variety of locomotives and multiple units are covered, including the iconic 'Western', 'Warship' and 'Hymek' locomotives commonly associated with the Great Western region. Unfortunately there were problems with all of these classes and all were withdrawn from service by the late 1970s. Other more modern locomotives and units are featured, including many of the new types of trains introduced in the post-privatisation era.

Photographs are presented in two-per-page format, with a detailed caption accompanying each photograph. A short introduction to diesel motive power on the former Western Region is also included.

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