London Underground: The Northern Line (Key)

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Identified in black on the London Underground map, the Northern line cuts north to south through the capital city before extending out to serve the suburbs of Greater London. It is unusual in having two branches, one via the West End and one via the City, evidence of its complex history, growth and development.

This book charts the progression of the line, which dates back more than 125 years and illustrates how three railway companies evolved and then merged to become one vast operation integrated into London’s transport system.

Included are the proposals for developments and line extensions that never made it to fruition, as well as those that were abandoned during construction.

Alongside is a timeline of rolling stock development and acquisition, many of which are preserved in transport museums and can still be seen, and there is also a brief look at the maintenance depots that keep the lines operational. Includes more than 50 plans and 130 colour photographs. 128 pages.

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