Stanier's Jubilees (Great Northern)

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Sir William A. Stanier’s ‘Jubilee’ 5XP 4-6-0 Class served as the backbone of passenger services for the London Midland & Scottish Railway – as well as the successor London Midland Region of British Railways – for a number of years. Despite initial design flaws, the class went on to be well-liked by enginemen and enthusiasts alike.

Stanier’s Jubilees follows the career of this 191-locomotive class from their introduction in 1934 to withdrawal in 1967. A number are featured during the LMSR period, whilst many are seen during the British Railways years. The locomotives are featured in over 200 high-quality colour and black & white images.

A wide area was worked by the Jubilee Class, ranging from the West Coast Main Line to the Midland Main Line, the Glasgow-Perth-Aberdeen route and cross-country from York to Liverpool, in addition to Leeds-Bristol.

The images included have been taken at stations, sheds, lineside and workshops. Accompanying the pictures are informative captions detailing the locomotive’s history, as well as other interesting details. Hardback. 160 pages.

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