LNER Steam in the 1930s: The George Barlow Collection (Transport Treasury)

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Notwithstanding the quiet revolution that was taking place at Crewe under the stewardship of Stanier it was to Doncaster that eyes often turned in the 1930s and where the products of Gresley were emerging and often breaking records as they did.

Similar of course to the LMS, the LNER had been an amalgam of different railway companies in 1923 and yet there had been continuity in locomotive development with Gresley able to continue and develop his ideas, meaning the LNER was a place of eye catching endeavour especially with the advent of the streamlined A4 class in the 1930s.

Here for the first time we are able to see the camera wielding exploits of one photographer, George Barlow. A man who recorded the new, the old, the interesting and the unusual, presented in authoritative form with detailed captions.

Photographs from the 1930s are presented in one or two-per-page format, with each accompanied by a caption. An introduction to LNER steam during this period and to the photographer is also included. Hardback. 80 pages.

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