North Eastern Railway Engine Sheds (NERA)

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A detailed survey of the 110 engine sheds and locomotive maintenance depots that have existed in the North East of England between 1840 and the twenty-first century.

The book covers all sheds within the territory formerly operated by the North Eastern Railway, which encompasses much of North and West Yorkshire and all points east thereof. Sheds built after the demise of the NER are also described, including those built in the Grouping and BR eras, such as that at Thornaby.

The book begins with a description of the sort of infrastructure to be found at a typical shed and looks at the pay and working conditions of the staff employed there in the days of steam.

This is followed by the main section of the book, which charts the history of each engine sheds in turn, supported by a shed layout diagram, large scale Ordnance Survey maps, and photographs together with selected architectural drawings.

Two appendices are also included looking at working life in a shed during the last decade of steam, and breakdown crane working arrangements.

North Eastern Railway Engine Sheds contains 167 shed diagrams and maps, numerous architectural drawings and over 200 photographs. 216 pages. Hardback.

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