Industrial Railways and Locomotives of Teesside (IRS)

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A comprehensive reference book, providing details of all industrial railways and industrial locomotives to have operated in Teesside.

Over a century and a half, many businesses that laid the foundation for the development of Teesside relied on industrial railways to support their production. This book provides a comprehensive account of those railways, both large and small, which operated within their works, underground in mines and around shipyards. It provides individual details of over 1,500 locomotives operated by these companies and covers over 350 industrial sites.

Contains listings of industrial locations throughout the area. For each location, a brief history of the site is included, along with track gauge, a list of locomotives to have operated at the site and in some cases a map and photograph.

Also includes indices listing locations and locomotive names. Illustrated with over 150 black & white and colour photographs. Hardback. 464 pages.

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