British Industrial Steam Locomotives: A Pictorial Survey (Pen & Sword)

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An illustrated survey of 39 manufacturers of industrial steam locomotives in Great Britain. Author, David Mather, has spent many years researching and collecting photographs across Britain, of most of the different steam locomotive types that once worked in industry.

British Industrial Steam Locomotives: A Pictorial Survey contains details of all the leading manufacturers who constructed steam locomotives for industry from the 19th to the mid-20th centuries. It contains a brief history of each manufacturer, followed by a series of illustrations of some of the locomotive types built by that manufacturer.

The photographs are presented mainly in one-per-page format and descriptive captions are provided with further details of the featured subjects. A list of locations where surviving locomotives from the respective manufactures can still be found is included for each entry.

This book is designed to be both a record of these various manufacturers and a useful guide to those researching and modelling industrial steam. Many of the photographs are in colour, with some use of archive black & white material. 208 pages Hardback.

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