Corners of the Cambrian (Transport Treasury)

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In Corners of the Cambrian Jeffery Grayer has gathered together images from The Transport Treasury’s photographic collections, to produce an album about The Cambrian Railways. Taken from the 1930s to the 1970s the images feature a wide variety of services which were run predominantly with steam locomotives.

Initially formed by the amalgamation of several different companies, and stretching from the west coast of Wales to its border with Cheshire, The Cambrian Railways became part of the GWR in 1923 as a result of the Grouping Act. After nationalisation it was then part of the Western Region and finally, in 1963, became the Midland Region of British Railways. Over time the Cambrian has retained much of its rural charm, by the very nature of the countryside through which it passed and by its repeated use of vintage motive power, which attracted both tourists and enthusiasts alike. In spite of this, by the mid-1960s, many of its routes and stations had been closed and rationalisation and standardisation had destroyed much of its attraction. This album recalls the early days before these changes were implemented, and will hopefully act as a reminder of the special appeal of its routes and services.

An introduction to the Cambrian is accompanied by a map showing the railway lines of mid Wales which features The Cambrian Railway. Informative captions accompany the images.

162 black & white photographs. 112 pages

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