Colin Garratt's Scrapbook (Transport Treasury)

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Withdrawn locomotives, railway scrapyards and breakers yards have always held an attraction for railway enthusiasts, and the well-known photographer and author Colin Garratt was clearly one of these. His fascination for the subject is demonstrated by the large number of photographs he took covering this area of interest during his lifetime. The yards undoubtedly presented great opportunities to both amateur and professional photographers to achieve that “artistic shot” sought by so many cameramen, but realised by so few.

With Colin Garratt’s Scrapbook the author, Jeffrey Graver, shows that Colin certainly had an eye for the unusual angle and that he achieved a level of artistry in the images presented. This collection of images is drawn from photographs taken at three scrapyards, all of which handled a variety of rolling stock from the 1960s to the 1990s. Images of steam engines being cut up at Cohen’s yard near Kettering, are followed by DMUs scrapped at King’s/Mayer Newman’s yard near Newmarket. However, the majority of the photographs cover an assortment of British Rail classes taken at Vic Berry’s yard at Leicester.

An introduction is followed by the photographs which are generally displayed in one per page format, and in most cases are accompanied by detailed captions.

82 colour photographs. Hardback. 80 pages.

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