Craft of the Inland Waterways (Pen & Sword)

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In Craft of the Inland Waterways the author, Anthony Burton, focuses on vessels working on the inland rivers and canals which transport, or have transported, commercial traffic. He traces the history and development of various craft that have been used for transport on Britain’s rivers and canals from the earliest times to the present day. Much of this story is told in terms of preserved craft and is based on the author’s own experience on board many of these vessels, whether crewing a Thames barge, or working in the engine room of a Clyde puffer.

The book deals with the long history of the development of river craft, from prehistoric log boats to the whole range of sailing barges, such as the Humber keel and the Thames barge. By the middle of the 18th century, canal construction brought in a new generation of craft, not just the familiar narrow boats, but the wide boats such as the Leeds & Liverpool short boats, maintenance craft and even passenger boats. Steam power was introduced in the 19th century for a variety of crafts from tugs to pleasure steamers, while the 20th century brought in the diesel motors for boats and barges of all kinds. Today, there is still some commercial traffic, but an ever-increasing demand for boats for pleasure.

39 colour and 74 black & white illustrations. Hardback. 176 pages.

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