Railways and Canals in the Churnet Valley (RCHS)

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This book is about transport, past and present, in Staffordshire’s picturesque Churnet Valley. It focuses on Consall, which was once located in such a remote part of the valley that it was only accessible on foot, by canal or by railway. Many years ago it was a hive of industry but nowadays the canal and the preserved Churnet Valley Railway are used entirely for pleasure.

Potbanks, collieries and ironworks once dominated the Potteries, with the canals and railways providing an essential means of transport for raw materials and finished products. It is very different today but in spite of its industrial past, the area adjoining North Staffordshire has always been blessed with beautiful scenery and Consall is such a place. The location, once almost inaccessible to the general public, has become a focal meeting place on the restored Caldon Canal and a preserved part of the former NSR Churnet Valley Railway.

Railways and Canals in the Churnet Valley examines the history of transport in this scenic area. 128 pages.

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