Today's Railways Europe 333: November 2023

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The November 2023 issue of Today’s Railways Europe contains all the latest railway news from mainland Europe, plus our regular features and a selection of interesting and informative articles. Brought to you by our team of informed correspondents based throughout the European continent.

Feature articles this month include:

Parade Celebrates 100 Years of ÖBB: To mark the centenary of Austrian Federal Railways a parade featuring a wide variety of locomotives and rolling stock took place at Strasshof near Wien on 9 September. Roland Beier presents the highlights from the event, which quickly sold out.

Danube Intermodal: Vectron Cab Ride: Paul Smith joins the driver of a TX Logistik freight train for a return trip from Wien to Passau by two different routes.

CP Class 1400: Renaissance in the 2020s: 56 years after the first loco emerged from the Vulcan Foundry at Newton-le-Willows, the English Electric designed Class 1400 Bo-Bo diesel electrics remain indespensible motive power in Portugal with daily passenger work and heavy overhauls continuing. Andrew Donnelly surveys recent developments with this popular class.

Roslagsbanan and The Lennakatten: Narrow Gauge North of Stockholm: The region to the north of the Swedish capital once boasted an extensive network of 891mm gauge lines, and while much of the system closed in the 1950s some sections remain use for heritage and commuter traffic. Philip Groves charts the history of the Roslagsbanan.

News stories this month include:

  • Catastrophic floods deal massive blow to Greek railway recovery
  • Passenger trains return to Gotthard Base Tunnel
  • First CD ComfortJet on test
  • Few diversions over Modane landslip
  • German-style pass for France?
  • PESA wins Romanian EMU order
  • Norway plans double-deck trains and more electrification
  • Torino's new trams enter service
  • Krakow tramway network expands
  • First Kobenhavn Avenio delivered
  • Hegyeshalom line reuilding disrupts Hungary-Austria services
  • Broc Village-Broc Fabrique reopens
  • C Rail Safety becomes rail freight operator in Denmark
  • TAGAB buys all Rm locomotives from Green Cargo
  • Ebreichsdorf bypass opens
  • Port Rail expands operations in the Burgas area
  • Traxx Universal on test in France
  • 470 002 marks 75 years of Budapest Children's Railway
  • Electrification islands for Sachsen BEMUs
  • Hungary's Godollo narrow-gauge line closes
  • BDZ marks 135th anniversary with steam tours

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