London's First Motor Buses (Capital)

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This book looks at the very beginnings of motor buses in the early years of the twentieth century in London.

A good selection of archive photographs is accompanied by articles on different aspects of the story, including the first motor bus routes, driver training, the pioneers, alternatives to the petrol engine including electric buses, and developments up to the first covered top buses.

Chapter List:

  • The Beginnings of Motor Buses
  • A Battle over Registration Numbers
  • The Training of a Motor Bus Driver
  • Developments and New Ideas
  • Electric Buses
  • The B Type
  • The Next Developments
  • The New Independents - 1922
  • Second to None

London's First Motor Buses contains a fascinating series of 100+ year old photographs of early motor buses in London, as well as articles from various sources including The Daily Chronicle, Commercial Motor and Old Motor. Hardback. 80 pages.

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