London Memories (Top Deck Publishing)

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London Memories is a compilation, by Russell Fell, of London bus images from the collection of David G Savage, part of the Transport Treasury archive.

This anthology of bus photographs covers the period 1960 to 1963 and chronicles David Savage’s appreciation of London’s transportation system. From his early years in Dagenham, nurtured by the pages of Ian Allan ABCs, David’s journey as a bus photographer flourished after he took a job at Ilford Limited in 1960. Here he took advantage of discounted film to immortalize his interest in the transport operating on the streets of London and its peripheries. Through the lens of his medium-format and 35mm cameras, David meticulously documented the bus scene on black & white film, which now enables us to take a nostalgic glimpse into a bygone era, defined by manual focus and light meter readings. As we journey through this interesting collection, we are transported to a time when Sundays were tranquil, high streets thrived with familiar names, and the allure of bus spotting captured the imaginations of enthusiasts young and old.

The majority of the photos are displayed in one-per-page format, and all are accompanied by informative captions from fellow bus enthusiast Russell Fell.

87 black & white photographs. 80 pages.

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