Buses and Coaches 1945-70 from Contemporary Adverts (Key)

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From 1945 to 1970, trade press advertisements for buses and coaches changed considerably, as the UK adjusted to post-war life. The austerity of the early post-war years led to major manufacturers working to develop new models while also trying to help improve the UK economy.

This attracted new entrants to the market – truck manufacturers wanting new opportunities and a legion of smaller coachbuilders catering to operators that were desperately trying to get hold of new and rebodied coaches to meet the demands of the post-war travel boom.

Using a wide range of adverts, this book shows how these smaller manufacturers often fell by the wayside as the market came to be dominated by a group of builders that understood the importance of keeping their names in front of potential buyers. This was achieved by using ever slicker adverts and sometimes making outrageous claims that would never be permitted today.

With over 180 period adverts spanning 25 years, this volume tracks the advertising history of Britain’s biggest bus and coach brands in their efforts to win sales. 96 pages.

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