Czech and Slovak Railways: Three Decades of Change, 1990-2020s (Key Publishing)

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In this book, Keith Fender takes a look at the railways of Czech Republic and Slovakia between the 1990s and the present day.

Both countries have seen significant changes to their railways since the Czechoslovakian railway network was divided into two, though the two countries and their railway still have a lot in common. New locomotive types have been introduced and rail freight has expanded thanks to globalisation and EU membership.

The book is divided into chapters covering:

  • Czechoslovakia and its Railways: A Historical Introduction
  • Railways in Transition: 1989-93
  • Two Countries - Two Railways: 1993-2003
  • EU Membership and Fleet Development
  • Central European Rail Freight Hub
  • Competition Flourishes
  • International Connections Enhanced
  • Narrow Gauge Mixed Fortunes
  • Rail Preservation Large and Small
  • High Speed Future

Within this book, the author explores the history of both countries and their railways and also looks at ambitious plans for the future. Each chapter contains a number of high quality colour photographs, accompanied by extensive captions. Text within each chapter provides background information on the topic covered. It is well-illustrated with over 140 colour photographs. 96 pages.

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