Strassen-und Stadtbahnen in Deutschland Band 20: Sachsen-Anhalt (EK)

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This twentieth volume in Eisenbahn Kurier’s detailed account of tramway operations in Germany looks at tramways in the state of Sachsen-Anhalt. It examines all twelve tramways that have operated in the towns and cities of the state, beginning with the first horse-drawn operations, most of which had disappeared by the end of the 1920s. Of particular note was the tramway in the small town of Staßfurt, which became the first in the former GDR to shut down after the Second World War.

As well as the many operations that have closed, Strassen-und Stadtbahnen in Deutschland Band 20: Sachsen-Anhalt also looks at the five tramway operations that are still operating today. The small networks in Dessau and Halberstadt, and the tramway in Naumburg, known for the use of historical two-axle vehicles, are all covered in detail. The two large undertakings in Halle (Saale) and Magdeburg complete the volume.

The tram has been on the rise again in recent years, particularly in Magdeburg where several new routes have been constructed. The five remaining tramways comprise a colorful and interesting mix of vehicles of various shapes and sizes. From modern low-floor articulated cars to nostalgic two-axle vehicles dating from the GDR era.

Strassen-und Stadtbahnen in Deutschland Band 20: Sachsen-Anhalt contains a detailed account of the trams and the networks on which they ran. Well illustrated in black & white with a small selection of colour photographs. German text. 328 pages. Hardback.

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