Mit der Strassenbahn durch das Berlin der 60er Jahre Band 11: Die Linien 72 und 74 (Lok Report)

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The eleventh volume in this comprehensive series of books containing colour and black & white photographs of trams in and around Berlin, taken during the 1960s. This volume examines line 72 and line 74.

Line 72 saw operation in East Berlin only from Weissensee (Pasedagplatz) to Charlotten-Ecke Taubenstrasse, whilst Line 74 had operations on both sides of Berlin, working to Weissensee in the East and to Lichterfelde in the West.

The book is presented in one photograph per page format, with extensive caption detail providing information about the route and the trams in use. Most of the photographs are black & white and these are accompanied by maps and several period ticket reproductions.

Through the use of quite rare photograqphic material, this book features many tram types that have long since disappeared, and illustrates a city very different to that of today. German text. 96 pages. Hardback.

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