Die Gothaer Strassenbahn und Thuringerwaldbahn (Sutton Zeitreise)

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The tram has been part of Gotha's public transport history for over 120 years. A 2.7km section opened in 1894 linking the city's station with Waltershäuser Strasse. Over the years, the tramway was extended and eventually stratched beyond the city limits. This line is known as the Thuringerwaldbahn and links Gotha with Tabarz and Waltershausen.

This book contains a series of around 240 archive black & white photographs illustrating the tramway's history from the early years through to the modern era. Photographs illustrate the changing tram fleet used in the city as well as the development of the city over the period of the tramway's existence.

Each photograph is accompanied by an extensive caption and a short introduction to Gotha's tramway is also included. First published 2011, this 7th edition published 2022. German text. 128 pages.

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