Die Kieler Strassenbahn: Die Geschichte der Linien von 1881 (Sutton Zeitreise)

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A pictorial history of the tramway network in the city of Kiel in northern Germany from the opening of the first horse tram routes in 1881 until the closure of the system in 1985.

The book starts with a short history of the city’s tramway, its rise and fall and the controversial and short-sighted decision to abandon trams in favour of a bus-based transport network unlike in many other German cities.

This is followed by chapters on the horse tramway, its replacement with electric traction, and on each route starting with a short description of the route and opening dates for each section. At the back there are chapters on how the routes were organised, ticketing and fares, and the various rail-based schemes to improve connectivity within Kiel and the surrounding area over the years some of which never came to fruition. In recent years a number of local rail stations have been reopened as part of the now shelved StadtRegionalBahn project.

German text. Hardback. 122 pages. Approximately 200 black & white photographs.

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