EK Special 153: Marschbahn: Die Magistrale Hamburg-Sylt

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EK Special 153: Marschbahn: Die Magistrale Hamburg-Sylt covers the well-known main line which runs between Hamburg via Elmshorn and Westerland on the island of Sylt. Crossing the state of Schleswig-Holstein, over a distance of almost 250 km, it is one of the oldest lines in Germany. For almost 50 years, the Marschbahn has been home to the Class 218, which is popular with railway enthusiasts.

Marschbahn translates to Marsh Railway and, as its name indicates, the line runs mainly though marshlands. There can be no more northern German route than the connection from Hamburg via Elmshorn, Itzehoe, Heide (Holst) and Husum to Westerland on Sylt or to the Danish border station of Tønder. After leaving Itzehoe the line passes over the Kiel Canal near Hochdonn by means of an elevated bridge, the Hochdonn High Bridge, which is 2,218 m (7,277 ft) in length and is 42 m (138 ft) high above the canal. Later the line arrives at the isle of Sylt after crossing over the famous "Hindenburgdamm", the 11 km long causeway which runs through the North Frisian mudflats. Well-known classes such as the V200 and the express steam locomotives of classes 01.10 and 03 reached Sylt in the era prior to German reunification.

EK Special 153 covers the varied history of the line and highlights the development of long-distance traffic and the numerous through carriages associated with the journey to Dagebüll and on into Denmark. The issue is rounded off by a look at traffic between the Elbe, Eider and the seaside resort of Westerland.

Well-illustrated with black & white and colour photographs. A number of maps and timetables are also included. German text. 98 pages.

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