EK Special 144: V160-Familie

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An illustrated survey of the Class V160 locomotives, with particular emphasis on the examples that still survive, some 60 years after the first locomotives were supplied by Krupp. When the first examples were delivered to Deutsche Bundesbahn in 1960, few could have guessed that the V160 would evolve into a whole family of locomotives that would provide the mainstay of passenger and freight train haulage on non-electrified lines.

Although the variants of Class V160 may have looked similar on the outside, technical advances resulted in considerable differences between the production classes – 210, 215/225, 216, 217, 218 and 219. The change from steam to electric heating in passenger coaches and the ever-growing requirement for more powerful, faster locomotives saw power outputs rise from 1900 to 2700 hp.

The greatest use of standardisation, where possible, contributed to the overall efficiency and easy maintenance of the V160 family, but the wider use of push-pull and multiple traction systems, gave rise to several variations and the ability to take on whatever duties were required. No wonder then, that a remarkable 809 locomotives of this type were built in total.

Only a few examples are still in service with the DB AG, but a far greater number can be found today in the service of private operators and museum lines in Germany, or in full-time employment abroad. The locomotives are still indispensable.

EK Special 144: V160-Familie: Erfolgreich seit über 60 Jahren begins with a brief overview of the various family members, before providing an inventory of all remaining examples of Class V160 that are still in existence. It includes many colour photographs of the type at work and gives brief accounts of the companies that still use the class and the sort of duties on which they are employed. 98 pages. German text.

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