Reisezugwagen der KK Osterreichischen Staatsbahnen: Wagengruppe If bei kkStB & BBO und Nachfolgebauarten (BM Book 48)

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This volume forms part of the ongoing detailed survey from Bahnmedien, of the passenger coaches and wagons built for Austria’s k.k. österreichischen Staatsbahnen – the Imperial Royal Austrian State Railway. This volume examines the wagons of the group If, as their successors.

It contains a technical specification of every vehicle constructed within the featured types, together with black & white photographs of every type and line drawings of end elevations, side elevations, plans and interior layouts. Dimensions are shown on the diagrams.

Also includes summaries of the number of each type built with details of how many of each were later supplied to various railway companies across Europe. The team of authors include Austrian wagon expert Hermann Heless, statistician Johann Blieberger, and graphic designer Erwin Hauke.

Die Reisezugwagen der k.k. österreichischen Staatsbahnen: Wagengruppe If bei kkStB & BBO und Nachfolgebauarten is an extremely detailed reference work that is the culmination of many years extensive research. German text. Hardback. 320 pages.

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