Mit Volldampf durch Thüringen (Sutton)

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A collection of around 160 colour photographs showing steam locomotives working around the Thüringen region, formerly an area of East Germany. Most of the images date from the DDR era when steam still reigned supreme on what was then part of the Deutsche Reichsbahn network. The book is divided into chapters, each covering a different location or route. Each chapter starts with a short introduction which is followed by several pages of photographs, mainly arranged two per page. The first chapter covers Saalfeld, a location popular with steam enthusiasts due to the large number of steam locomotives which were based there in DDR days. The other routes and locations covered are the Saalfeld–Jena–Naumburg Saalbahn, the Saalfeld–Gera line, Gera, and the lines to the south of Erfurt through the Thüringer Wald (Thuringian Forest) to Arnstadt, Ilmenau, Rennsteig and Suhl. There are also chapters on the Class 95 fleet (the last Prussian steam locos), cement trains to and from Deuna cement works near Leinefelde and then Plandampf events in the 1990s and since the turn of the new millennium. The original Plandampf concept involved the use of steam locomotives to haul regular passenger and freight trains; such operations are nowadays rare and the more recent photographs feature the locomotives operating as steam specials rather than on normal service trains. Each photograph is accompanied by a detailed caption and introductory text provided some background information on railways in Thüringen. Colour and Black & White photographs. German text. Hardback. 120 pages.

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