Gera: Einst und Jetzt 1990 bis 2018 (EK)

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Railway photographer Thomas Frister has put together this account of developments on the rail network in and around the city of Gera in eastern Thüringen between 1990, the time of German reunification, and 2018. The city is the junction of five railway lines, so has an interesting railway history. The high quality colour photographs illustrate many of the locomotive and multiple unit types to have operated trains through the city over the last 28 years and most are accompanied by a detailed caption and are from the author’s own collection, with a few by other photographers. The book is divided into chapters, the first of which gives a general overview of the main changes to the city’s rail services and infrastructure in the period concerned. Topics covered in other chapters include signal boxes, the demolition of the old Gera Süd station, the now closed Gera loco depot, and the diversion of the Elstertalbahn to Weischlitz via a new bypass in 2016. Also included are a few steam shots, both from the DDR era in the 1970s and modern-day steam specials and steam-hauled service trains during Plandampf events. A chapter covers the city’s tramway, with most of the photos being Tatra cars, which formed the backbone of the tram fleet for many years. The new Alstom low-floor NGT8Gs, and four of Gera’s five preserved vehicles, are also depicted. German text. Hardback. 128 pages.

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