Die Untere Ruhrtalbahn zwischen Mulheim-Styrum und Kettwig (Sutton Zeitreise)

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An illustrated history of the Lower Ruhr Valley Railway that for many years provided a lifeline linking the communities between Mülheim-Styrum and Kettwig. The authors have complied a collection of around 160 historical photographs from the archive of Eisenbahnfreunde Mülheim and various private collections.

The book traces the route of the line and shows the trains, stations, notable infrastructure and railway workers during the heyday of the line. Several maps and a useful chronology of events are also included. A final chapter looks at the impressive model railway layout of the line that has been constructed as a tribute in recent years.

Although both Mülheim and Kettwig still see frequent S-Bahn rail services, the direct coneection between the two via the Lower Ruhr Valley line closed in the 1960s. German text. Hardback. 128 pages.

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