Von Holzkirchen nach Bayrischzell: Die Geschichte der Strecke in Bildern (Sutton Zeitreise)

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A well-illustrated history of the non-electrified branch line from Holzkirchen to Bayerischzell in Bavaria. Today, the line is used by an hourly passenger service from München operated by Bayerische Oberlandbahn, however the line owes its existence to coal mines in the area.

The book examines how the line came to be, before taking us on a journey along the line looking at stations and items of infrastructure along the route. Further chapters then look at the history of the line and at how it has been used throughout its existence. Includes chapters covering the steam era and each decade in the modern traction era, through to the present day.

Well-illustrated throughout with around 150 recent colour and archive black & white photographs. German text. Hardback. 122 pages.

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