Eisenbahn Video-Kurier 152 DVD (8552)

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The Spring 2022 edition of Eisenbahn Kurier's quarterly DVD magazine. As with all DVDs in this series, Eisenbahn Video-Kurier 152 contains the latest railway news from Germany in video format, combined with a selection of special features looking at areas of railway interest, current and historical.

The main feature in this issue is an examination of standard gauge lines around the Harz region. These main lines are often overlooked in favour of the popular narrow gauge steam railways in the area.

Other topics covered include:

  • Taigatrommel 120 475 in traffic
  • Railways around Hannover
  • ICE TDs and Baureihe 605

60 minutes running time. German commentary.

As a special bonus, Eisenbahn Video-Kurier 152 also includes the archive DVD, 'Dampf am Rochlitzer Berg', in full, also 60 minutes running time with German commentary.

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