West Coast Main Line Locomotive Haulage (Key)

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Andy Flowers presents an illustrated review of loco-hauled trains on the West Coast Main Line, from early steam trains through to the present day.

An introduction to the line and its history is followed by a look at how services developed over the years. Further chapters examine the use of steam, diesel and electric locomotives on passenger and freight trains on the line.

Chapter List:

  • Chapter 1: Infrastructure
  • Chapter 2: Service Development
  • Chapter 3: Steam Traction
  • Chapter 4: Diesel Prototypes
  • Chapter 5: The Diesel Era - Type 1s
  • Chapter 6: Electric Locomotives
  • Chapter 7: Records and Performance
  • Chapter 8: New Operators

Each chapter consists of text, colour or black & white photographs and tables of data. West Coast Main Line Locomotive Haulage traces the locomotives used on the West Coast Main Line through time. 96 pages.

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