Wagons in the Peak District (Amberley)

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The high-quality rock strata of the Peak District area of England is a major source of limestone products that have long been transported all over mainline UK in railway wagons. Over the years, many different designs of hoppers, open boxes, covered hoppers and powder tank wagons have been used around the Buxton area. In Wagons in the Peak District author, Paul Harrison, uses previously unpublished images to document the variety of wagons that can be found on the railways of the Peak District.

The construction boom of the last decade has seen an increase in railfreight traffic in the Buxton area. Featured here are private owner, leased, and railway-owned wagons that serve the four main rail-served quarries. The author has illustrated the different types of wagons that have been used on freight flows from the Peak District over the period between 1994 to 2021. Some wagons still operate on the same traffic flows, while on others converted or new wagons have been introduced over the past twenty years.

Photographs are presented in date order and are displayed in two-per-page format. An informative caption accompanies each image.

180 colour photographs. 96 pages.

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